Library Employee Awards Program Award Categories

1. Rookie of the Year Award

The purpose of the Rookie of the Year Award is to recognize and distinguish a new employee who has shown outstanding performance in his/her current position.  Up to two Rookie of the Year awards may be conferred each year.


  • Employees must have worked a minimum of a year at their current position.
  • Employees must not have worked more than two years in their current position.
  • Employees must be appointed faculty or staff.


  • Exhibits outstanding performance at current job
  • Demonstrates effective collegial interactions when facing new or difficult tasks
  • Brings innovative and useful ideas to tasks at hand and shares them with others

2. Extra Mile Award

This award recognizes employees who have gone above and beyond their regular assignment within the Libraries in very specific and recognizable ways.  While many employees go the extra mile all the time, this award acknowledges the service and dedication of those who take on one or more special initiatives to help others in the Libraries at large through service they were not called upon to do.  Up to two awards may be given each year.


  • Employees must be appointed faculty or staff.


  • Serves the public or fellow employees above and beyond his/her assigned responsibilities by taking initiatives in helping those who serve the users and/or in helping the users directly
  • Volunteers to take on responsibilities not specifically required by their supervisor
  • Takes on these extra responsibilities with a positive and a willing spirit

3. Keystone Award

The Keystone Award recognizes employees who make the Libraries, the campus, or the community a better place.  The Keystone award is designed to honor employees who share their talents, creativity, and special skills in ways that connect library departments to one another, to the campus, or to the community at large.  Keystone award winners may be recognized for activities that improve the climate or morale within the library or for volunteer efforts on campus or in the community, state, or beyond. Up to two awards may be given each year.


  • Employees must be appointed faculty or staff who have worked in the Libraries for at least 2 years.  


Keystone activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Demonstrated leadership activities in the library, campus, or community
  • Highly effective service on library committees and/or participation in library conferences, professional organizations, or campus organizations
  • Presentation of creative or research-orientated accomplishments for the entertainment or education of library employees or the campus community
  • Contribution to the Northwest Arkansas community through volunteerism, teaching, creating works of art, activism, or other noteworthy community activities

4. Outstanding Support Service Award

The purpose of the Outstanding Support Service Award is to recognize officially graduate assistants, hourly, and work-study students who demonstrate exceptional and/or outstanding performance, service, or contributions.  


  • Those nominated for this award must be graduate assistants, hourly, or work-study students.  They must have completed a minimum of one semester of employment.


  • Outstanding service to the library beyond assigned responsibilities
  • Consistent dedication to the job, the Libraries, and the University in terms of attendance and performance
  • Demonstrated initiative, leadership, and/or creativity in assisting the Libraries achieve strategic goals in the department, branch, or the Libraries in general

5. Team Project Award

The Team Project Award recognizes the achievements of employees who work together as a group to complete a library project.   This award highlights the group project which best achieves new efficiencies in library services, enhances user services, and/or promotes the public image of the Libraries and employees, thus enabling the Libraries to better serve the University and surrounding communities.  Only one award will be conferred per award year.  In addition to filling out the nomination form, nominators must include a list of all persons who participated in a significant way in the creation, planning, coordination, or execution of the project.  There is no limit to how long a period a team member is employed.  The project must be completed within the calendar year previous to the year the award would be conferred. 

Definition of Team Project

A team project is characterized by group effort, often (but not always) outside routine work flows.  It is awarded only to teams that successfully complete a specific task or goal, either within a department or across departments.  Unlike ongoing work duties, a special project will have a beginning and an end.


  • Team members eligible for this award may be either appointed or non-appointed.


A suitable project for this award would exhibit these qualities:

  • Made a positive and recognizable difference in the Libraries in terms of meeting library goals, improving library efficiency and accuracy, providing better customer service, or promoting the Libraries’ image to the students and community
  • Exceeded the standard of individuals’ normal assignments
  • Presented creative and innovative solutions to library problems
  • Demonstrated effective and efficient teamwork from creation to execution of the project
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