Departmental Email Accounts

Need to transfer ownership of a departmental email account?
The new owner should log in at and complete the section at the end, "Change Ownership of an Account."

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Email Display Name Department Contact Purpose Special Collections used to bind ArchivesSpace LDAP authentication Acquisitions Selectors may submit monographs orders here. It is also used by Acquisitions staff to communicate with monographic vendors. Chemistry and Biochemistry Library guest logins Chemistry and Biochemistry Library guest logins Chemistry Library Chemistry and Biochemistry Library For Chemistry reserves and other questions. Library Circulation Notices Circulation To send email notices to patrons University Libraries Circulation Queries about circulation issues; ID and patron records Digital Services Queries about digital services and collections Electronic Serials Serials Queries about electronic serials Fine Arts Library Fine Arts Library Queries about Fine Arts collections and services. Fine Arts Library guest logins ILl Borrowing Interlibrary Loan Queries about ILL borrowing ILL Lending Interlibrary Loan Queries about ILL lending Library IT Sends email from KIC scanners Library Human Resources Human Resources To facilitate position searches and candidate materials Acquisitions Content Services For communicating with publishers and vendors Alma Library IT For mesages sent by Alma system Library Catalog Library IT For messages sent by the library catalog Collection Strategies Content Services For trials and statistics Library IT Services Library IT Used for IT help requests to Cherwell system. Library Human Resources Human Resources Queries about personnel issues and records; sign up for staff classes libmail Web Services Mails library forms Multimedia Services Multimedia Services Queries about multimedia services and collections Web Services OpenAthens testing Library IT guest logins Reference also includes library1-9; for guest logins Shipping and Receiving Shipping and Receiving Supplies orders and questions Mullins Library Spaces Questions & Reservations User Services Inquiries about Mullins spaces & rooms Library Stacks Management User Services For library stacks processes Library Storage Facility User Services For questions / requests to / from Storage Library Web Services Web Services Questions, suggestions, and comments on Web pages; forwards to Content/Web Services queue on LibAnswers. Library IT Used for LDAP queries (Sierra) Library IT Physics Library Physics Library Questions about Physics Library policies and services. Physics Library guest logins Physics Library guest logins Mullins Help Desk Instruction and Liaison Services Being revived for LibAnswers Ask us queue. Research Assistance Desk Instruction and Liaison Services Reference and general questions; forwards to Ask Us queue on LibAnswers. Circulation Submission of reserves lists; queries about reserves Acquisitions Acquisitions Used for rush book orders. Orders placed at this address must be from selectors, Course Reserves or ILL; patrons do not have the option of submitting orders in this manner. Scholar Works Scholarly Communications Serials Admin Serials Used to communicate with vendors and publishers regarding admin and usage statistics Serials Department Serials Used to communicate with vendors and publishers NonPaid Serials Claims Serials Used to communicate with vendors and publishers Special Collections Special Collections Special Collections queries Library Survey Administrative Services Used for LibQual and other surveys Special Collections