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Bilayer-dependent inhibition of mechanosensitive channels by neuroactive peptide enantiomersKoeppe II, R. ErdmanNature2004
Conducting Charge-Transfer Salts Based on Neutral Pi-RadicalsCordes, A. WallaceNature1993
A Compositional Classification Scheme for Meteoritic ChondrulesSears, Derek W. G.Nature1992
Metamorphism of Eucrite Meteorites Studied Quantitatively using Induced ThermoluminescenceSears, Derek W. G.Nature1991
Meteorites - Window on the Early Solar-SystemSears, Derek W. G.Nature1986
Deep-Sea Stony Spherules and the Primordial NebulaSears, Derek W. G.Nature1985
The Alpha-Recoil Effects of Uranium in the Oklo ReactorKuroda, Paul K.Nature1984
1st Known El5 Chondrite - Evidence for Dual Genetic Sequence for Enstatite ChondritesSears, Derek W. G.Nature1984
Chondrules and their Origins - King,eaSears, Derek W. G.Nature1984
Thermo-Luminescence as a PaleothermometerSears, Derek W. G.Nature1984
Meteorites - Calcium-Rich and Aluminum-Rich InclusionsSears, Derek W. G.Nature1983
Terrestrial Ages of MeteoritesSears, Derek W. G.Nature1981
Plutonium-244 in the early solar systemKuroda, Paul K.Nature1969