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Reconfigurable Pickering Emulsions with Functionalized Carbon NanotubesHe, MaggieLangmuir2021
Rapid Deposition of Uniform Polydopamine Coatings on Nanoparticle Surfaces with Controllable ThicknessChen, JingyiLangmuir2017
Growth Mechanisms Involved in the Synthesis of Smooth and Microtextured Films by Acetylene Magnetron DischargesWilkins, Charles L.Langmuir2011
Multivariate data analysis for enhanced interpretation of electrochemical impedance spectra of gramicidin-ion interactions in phospholipid monolayersKoeppe II, R. ErdmanLangmuir2007
Evaluation of screen-printed gold on low-temperature co-fired ceramic as a substrate for the immobilization of electrochemical immunoassaysFritsch, IngridLangmuir2006
Highly luminescent, stable, and water-soluble CdSe/CdS core - Shell dendron nanocrystals with carboxylate anchoring groupsPeng, XiaogangLangmuir2006
Bioreactive surfaces prepared via the self-assembly of dendron thiols and subsequent dendrimer bridging reactionsPeng, XiaogangLangmuir2005
Interaction of gramicidin derivatives with phospholipid monolayersKoeppe II, R. ErdmanLangmuir2004
Hydrophobic matching mechanism investigated by molecular dynamics simulationsKoeppe II, R. ErdmanLangmuir2002
Response of a thickness-shear-mode acoustic wave sensor to the adsorption of lipoprotein particlesPaul, David W.Langmuir2001
Formation and characterization of supported hexadecanethiol dimyristoyl phosphatidylcholine hybrid bilayers containing gramicidin DFritsch, IngridLangmuir1998
Hydrogen-Assisted Dissociation of Co on a Catalyst SurfaceBlyholder, George D.Langmuir1991