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Preparation and Applications of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs): A Laboratory Activity and Demonstration for High School and/or Undergraduate StudentsBeyzavi, HudsonJournal of Chemical Education2020
Using a Faculty-Developed Documentary-Style Film to Communicate Authentic Chemistry Research to a High School AudienceBeyzavi, HudsonJournal of Chemical Education2020
Synthesis of Hollow Gold-Silver Alloyed Nanoparticles: A \"Galvanic Replacement\" Experiment for Chemistry and Engineering StudentsChen, JingyiJournal of Chemical Education2015
Chirality made simple: A 1-and 2-dimensional introduction to stereochemistryGawley, Robert E.Journal of Chemical Education2005
Metal complexes of trifluordpentanedione - An experiment for the general chemistry laboratoryDurham, BillJournal of Chemical Education2001
Early exposure of undergraduates to the chemistry research environment: A new model for resource universitiesMcIntosh, Matt C.Journal of Chemical Education2000
Ruthenium(II) polypyridine complexes and the electron-transfer reactions of metalloproteinsDurham, BillJournal of Chemical Education1997
Ruthenium(II) polypyridine complexes and the electron-transfer reactions of metalloproteinsMillett, Francis SpencerJournal of Chemical Education1997
Interfacing ''8088'' computers in the chemistry laboratoryDurham, BillJournal of Chemical Education1996
Constant-current coulometric titration of hydrochloric acidPaul, David W.Journal of Chemical Education1996
Learning the Student Names in Large Classes - an Application of Multimedia TechnologyCordes, A. WallaceJournal of Chemical Education1995
Determination of Rates of Proton-Exchange of Thiamine Hydrochloride by H-1-Nmr Spectroscopy - a Bioorganic Experiment for the Undergraduate LaboratoryMurray, Christopher JamesJournal of Chemical Education1991
Wet Labs, Computers, and SpreadsheetsDurham, BillJournal of Chemical Education1990
Determination of the Pk of an Indicator by Thermal Lens Spectroscopy - a Laser Experiment for Instrumental Analysis LaboratoryBobbitt II, Donald R.Journal of Chemical Education1989
Characterization of Gas-Chromatographic Liquid-Phases using Mcreynolds Constants - an Experiment for Instrumental Analysis LaboratoryBobbitt II, Donald R.Journal of Chemical Education1986
The Possible Chirality of Tetrahedral Carbon-Atoms with 2 Substituents of Identical ConstitutionSchäfer, LotharJournal of Chemical Education1984
Elementary Statistical Thermodynamics - a Problems Approach - Smith,noBlyholder, George D.Journal of Chemical Education1983
Remote Pipeting DeviceJohnson, Dale A.Journal of Chemical Education1974
Complete reduction of representations of infinite point groupsSchäfer, LotharJournal of Chemical Education1971
Stereoisomerism of carbon compounds.Noyce, William K.Journal of Chemical Education1961
Formation of acetone from acetates.Noyce, William K.Journal of Chemical Education1949