Library Employee Awards Program: Previous Awards

2021 Awards - Awarded for Accomplishments in 2019-2020

  • Rookie of the Year: Kara Flynn
  • Extra Mile Award: Jae-Eun Jeong, Trent Garner
  • Keystone Award: Kim Anderson, Stephanie Pierce
  • Outstanding Support Service Award: Tiffany Nguyen, Justin Pham>
  • Team Project Award: "Interlibrary Loan Team" - Robin Roggio, Jonathan Anthony, Lisa Dunigan-Little, Kia Grant, Micah Hampton, Trent Leslie

2019 Awards – Awarded for Accomplishments in 2018

  • Rookie of the Year: Jae-Eun Jeong
  • Extra Mile Award: Ashley Mitchell
  • Keystone Award: Beth Juhl
  • Outstanding Support Service Award: Elysa Barton
  • Team Project Award: “LINX / User Services Team” – Stephanie Guenther, Matthew Kelly, Kathleen Lehman, Kelvin Summerville, Isaac Watkins, Sara Watson, Katherine Williams

2018 Awards – Awarded for Accomplishments in 2017

  • Rookie of the Year: Katrina Windon
  • Extra Mile Award (2 awards): Kim Anderson and Amanda Schilling
  • Outstanding Support Service Award: Julia Paganis
  • Team Project Award: Ceres Cooperative Extension Bulletins, Necia Parker-Gibson, Martha Parker Anderson, Deb Kulczak, Wendy McLean, Alejandra Rubio, Lee Holt, Dexter Fairweather, Dylan Hurd, and Beth Juhl

2017 Awards – Awarded for Accomplishments in 2016

  • Rookie of the Year (2 awards): Heath Robinson and Dylan Hurd
  • Extra Mile Award: Geoffery Stark
  • Outstanding Support Service Award (2 awards): Marei Houpert and Manuela Prudencio

2016 Awards – Awarded for Accomplishments in 2015

  • Rookie of the Year (2 awards): Ila Irizarry and Rachel Paul
  • Extra Mile Award (2 awards): Olivia Wood and Christina Wampler
  • Keystone Award: Deborah Kulczak
  • Outstanding Support Service Award: Arlyn Brazell
  • Team Project Award: “Team Serials” – Judy Casada, Lisa Lindsey, Jefferie Renegar, Ashley Mitchell, Cody Hackett, and Judy Robinson

2015 Awards – Awarded for Accomplishments in 2014

  • Extra Mile: Sarah Sarquist
  • Keystone Award: Molly Boyd
  • Outstanding Support Service Award: Richard Sakul
  • Rookie of the Year: Jason Dean and Kelvin Summerville
  • Team Project Award: Metadata Cookbook Committee – Janet Parsch (chair), Deb Kulczak, Jason Dean, Amy Allen, Cat Wallack, and two member who are no longer with the Libraries, Krista Oldham and Megan Massanelli

2014 Awards - Awarded for Accomplishments in 2013

  • Extra Mile: David Boddie
  • Keystone Award: Beth Juhl
  • Outstanding Support Staff: Krista Casada
  • Rookie of the Year: Kalli Vimr and Kimberly Bannister
  • Team Project Award: Blackboard Project - Charles Sabo, Terry Wynn, and Stephanie Freedle

2013 Awards - Awarded for Accomplishments in 2012

  • Extra Mile: David Lacy
  • Keystone: Arthur Morgan
  • Outstanding Support Service: Joshua Trimble
  • Rookie of the Year: Angela Hackstadt and Stephanie Freedle
  • Team Project: Map It! button / StackMap implementation (Jimmy Ray Jackson, Tim Zou, Kelvin Summerville, Hailey French, Gerren Jackson, Pachia Lor, Charles Robinson III, and Beth Juhl)

2012 Awards - Awarded for Accomplishments in 2011

  • Extra Mile: Jennifer Rae Hartman and Cat Wallack
  • Keystone: Timothy G. Nutt
  • Outstanding Support Service: Krista Jones
  • Rookie of the Year: Kathleen Lehman
  • Team Project: Arkansauce Development Team (Tom W. Dillard, Timothy G. Nutt, and Diane Worrell)

2011 Awards - Awarded for Accomplishments in 2010

  • Extra Mile: Matthew Kelly and Lynaire Hartsell
  • Keystone: Sheri Gallaher
  • Outstanding Support Service: William Bryan
  • Rookie of the Year: Jimmy Ray Jackson and Amy Allen
  • Team Project: Extreme Makeover Task Force (Donnie Blagg, Molly Boyd, Allon Callahan, Anne Marie Candido, Donna Daniels, Elaine Dong, Sheri Gallaher, Tess Gibson, Mary Gilbertson, Lynaire Hartsell, Roy Hatcher, Jimmy Ray Jackson, Necia Parker Gibson, Drew Siebenmorgen, Jeremy Smith, Sarah Spiegel, and Tim Zou.

2010 Awards - Awarded for Accomplishments in 2009

  • Extra Mile: Brian Kelley and Robin Roggio
  • Keystone: Martha Litton Guirl-Phillips and Tony Stankus
  • Outstanding Service Support: Shannon Rankin
  • Rookie of the year: Anne Reynolds
  • Team Project: HR (Jeff Banks, Kathy Riggle, and Elsie Nguyen) – for the PeopleAdmin implementation

2009 Awards - Awarded for Accomplishments in 2008

  • Extra Mile Award: Lee Holt
  • Keystone Award: Lora Lennertz Jetton
  • Outstanding Support Service Award:  not awarded
  • Rookie of the Year: Amy Brown
  • Team Project Award:  Allon Callahan, Brent Carlton, Jimmy Jackson, Brian Kelley, Mary Lee, and Michelle Mustion (members of the extended hours night crew)

2008 Awards - Awarded for Accomplishments in 2007

  • Extra Mile Award:  Brian Curtis and Robin Roggio.
  • Keystone Award: Tom W. Dillard and Beth Juhl
  • Outstanding Support Service, Kelvin Summerville
  • Rookie of the Year: George Fowler and Case Miner
  • Team Project: Retreat Program Task Force (Molly Boyd, Anne Marie Candido, Tess Gibson, Angela Hand, Gwyneth Jelinek, Deb Kulczak, Timothy G. Nutt, and Molly Moore)

2007 Awards - Awarded for Accomplishments in 2006

  • Extra Mile Award: Gwyneth Jelinek
  • Keystone Award: Angela Black
  • Outstanding Support Service, Sarah Makowski
  • Rookie of the Year: Kimberly Rolf
  • Team Project, Angela Black, David Lacy, and Erin Wilson of the Staff Concerns Committee.
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