Situations that pose an immediate threat to personal health, safety and/or major damage to buildings, equipment, or other property are deemed to be emergencies.


  1. If someone has been severely injured or needs immediate medical attention,
    to report a fire, call 911 or call 9-911 from the nearest phone and give complete details to emergency response personnel.
  2. Then, notify either
    the Library Facilities Office (M-F, 8:00-4:30) at 5-6639
    the Circulation Desk (all other times the building is open) at 5-4104.
  3. Non-Life-Threatening

    Examples of non-life-threatening emergencies may include:

    • a major water leak
    • the smell of smoke from an undetermined location
    • electrical failures (confined or wide spread)
    • a minor injury to an employee or a patron.

    If a non-life threatening injury to an employee occurs at work, contact the library human resources office or the company nurse to begin worker’s compensation claim.

    If an emergency situation arises in your area M-F, 8:00-4:30, notify either the Library Facilities Office at 5-6639, or the Office of the Dean, 5-6702.

    During all other times the building is open (including holidays), call the Circulation Desk at 5-4104.

    Facilities or Circulation personnel will assess the situation and notify the University Police and other personnel as necessary.

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