StaffWeb Forms and Policies Index

Below is a list of policies, forms, and documents for all staff.

Document Department Organization
Academic Policy SeriesHuman ResourcesCampus
Addressing MailShipping and ReceivingLibrary
Annual Report of Income from Public AgenciesHuman ResourcesCampus
Approval for Extra Work Time FormHuman ResourcesCampus
Art Exhibit PolicyDean's OfficeLibrary
Board of Trustees Policy StatementsHuman ResourcesCampus
Campus Card Office (Razorbuck$)Human ResourcesCampus
Cell Phone PolicyResearch and LearningLibrary
Code of Computing Ethics - LibraryHuman ResourcesLibrary
Code of Computing PracticesHuman ResourcesCampus
Computer Use PolicyResearch and LearningLibrary
Cross-Training FormHuman ResourcesLibrary
Cross-Training ProgramHuman ResourcesLibrary
Donations Form (Gifts in Kind, Books)Collection DevelopmentLibrary
Electronic Resources - Use and AccessWeb ServicesLibrary
Emergencies Action PlanFacilitiesLibrary
Evaluative Criteria (APS 1405.11)Human ResourcesCampus
Extra Compensation Policy (Campus)Human ResourcesCampus
Facilties Request FormFacilitiesLibrary
Faculty HandbookHuman ResourcesCampus
Faculty Information System LoginHuman ResourcesCampus
Faculty Service AwardsHuman ResourcesLibrary
Fayetteville Policies and ProceduresHuman ResourcesCampus
Flex-time AgreementHuman ResourcesLibrary
Food and Drink PolicyResearch and LearningLibrary
Food and Drink Policy for StaffHuman ResourcesLibrary
Grant Funding ParticipationHuman ResourcesLibrary
Graphic Identity GuidelinesDean's OfficeCampus
Helpful travel links (Mileage, Federal Per Diem) Business ServicesCampus
HolidaysHuman ResourcesCampus
How to create an expense report following travelBusiness ServicesLibrary
Incident Report FormResearch and LearningLibrary
Interlibrary Loan PoliciesInterlibrary LoanLibrary
Leave and Benefits GuidelinesHuman ResourcesLibrary
Leave Without Pay Policy (Staff Handbook 7.13)Human ResourcesCampus
Letterhead TemplateDean's OfficeLibrary
Library Employee Awards Program: Policies & ProceduresDean's OfficeLibrary
Library Faculty ManualHuman ResourcesLibrary
Library Faculty Personnel Document (DRAFT 2020) Human ResourcesLibrary
Library Faculty Personnel Document (under revision)Human ResourcesLibrary
Library Faculty Personnel Document Addendum 1 - Third-Year Review (superseded)Human ResourcesLibrary
Library Faculty Personnel Document Addendum 2 - External Reviewers (superseded)Human ResourcesLibrary
Library IT Authorizations Form (onboarding / offboarding) Library ITLibrary
Meals and Breaks PolicyHuman ResourcesLibrary
Media Conversion RequestMultimedia ServicesLibrary
Media PolicyDean's OfficeLibrary
Mentoring ProgramHuman ResourcesLibrary
New Employee Checklist for SupervisorsHuman ResourcesLibrary
Office of the Provost and VCAAHuman ResourcesCampus
Our Commitment to Excellence in ServiceResearch and LearningLibrary
Password ManagerHuman ResourcesCampus
Policies Affecting Hourly and Work-Study Staff Working at the University LibrariesHuman ResourcesLibrary
Position Description TemplateHuman ResourcesLibrary
Post-Tenure Review Report FormHuman ResourcesLibrary
Prior Approval of Outside EmploymentHuman ResourcesCampus
Prior State Service NotificationHuman ResourcesCampus
Professional Development Funding Guidelines Administrative ServicesLibrary
Promotion and Tenure SharePoint SiteHuman ResourcesLibrary
Protection of Minors on CampusHuman ResourcesCampus
Public Relations Media PolicyDean's OfficeLibrary
Public Relations Publications PolicyPublic RelationsLibrary
Public Relations Social Media PolicyPublic RelationsLibrary
Reappointment Committee Report FormHuman ResourcesLibrary
Release Time to Attend Classes FormHuman ResourcesLibrary
Release Time to Attend Classes PolicyHuman ResourcesLibrary
Report of Corporate Position HeldHuman ResourcesCampus
Room Use Policies and InfoResearch and LearningLibrary
Rush Ordering and Cataloging ProceduresCatalogingLibrary
Scented ProductsHuman ResourcesLibrary
Schedule for Library Faculty Governance and Personnel MattersHuman ResourcesLibrary
Schedule of Personnel Events Template (Tenure and Promotion Calendar)Human ResourcesLibrary
Search InformationHuman ResourcesLibrary
Selectors by Call NumberCollection DevelopmentLibrary
Sexual Harassment PolicyHuman ResourcesCampus
Sick Leave - Staff Handbook Section 7.3Human ResourcesCampus
Special Events Policy and FormsFacilitiesLibrary
Spend Authorization for TravelBusiness ServicesCampus
Staff Concerns Committee Suggestion FormHuman ResourcesLibrary
Staff HandbookHuman ResourcesCampus
Style SheetDean's OfficeLibrary
Supervisor's Checklist for New EmployeesHuman ResourcesLibrary
Telecommuting Policy (FPP 412.3)Human ResourcesCampus
Telecommuting Sample Work AgreementHuman ResourcesCampus
Telecommuting Work Agreement (Word version)Human ResourcesCampus
Textbook PoliciesCollection DevelopmentLibrary
Tip Sheet: Initial Appointment DossiersHuman ResourcesLibrary
Tip Sheet: Personal StatementHuman ResourcesLibrary
Tip Sheet: Preparing Annual Review and Post-tenure Review DocumentsHuman ResourcesLibrary
Tip Sheet: ScholarshipHuman ResourcesLibrary
Tip Sheet: ServiceHuman ResourcesLibrary
Tip Sheet: Timetable for Preparing Tenure and Promotion DocumentsHuman ResourcesLibrary
Travel Process OutlineBusiness ServicesCampus
Travel Survival GuideBusiness ServicesCampus
Tuition Fee DiscountHuman ResourcesCampus
UA Travel Policies, Procedures, and ServicesBusiness ServicesCampus
UAConnect Access (requesting Accounts)Human ResourcesCampus
Vacation and Annual Leave - Section 7.2 of Staff HandbookHuman ResourcesCampus
Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration - Fayetteville Policies and ProceduresHuman ResourcesCampus
When using Travel Tcard, book via Anthony Travel and Concur Booking ToolBusiness ServicesCampus
Workers' CompensationHuman ResourcesCampus
Workplace: Presence of Children, Other Family Members, or FriendsHuman ResourcesCampus