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A new analysis method for evaluating bacterial growth with microplate readersChen, JingyiPlos One2021Find It
Silver ions cause oscillation of bacterial length of Escherichia coliChen, JingyiScientific Reports2019Find It
Combining magnetic forces for contactless manipulation of fluids in microelectrode-microfluidic systemsFritsch, IngridScientific Reports2019Find It
An Effective Electric Dipole Model for Voltage-induced Gating Mechanism of LyseninMoradi, MahmoudScientific Reports2019Find It
The Role of a Crystallographically Unresolved Cytoplasmic Loop in Stabilizing the Bacterial Membrane Insertase YidC2Moradi, MahmoudScientific Reports2019Find It
Probing spatial inhomogeneity of cholinergic changes in cortical state in ratStenken, Julie AnnScientific Reports2019Find It
ALS-causing mutations in profilin-1 alter its conformational dynamics: A computational approach to explain propensity for aggregationMoradi, MahmoudScientific Reports2018Find It
Modulation of Interleukin-12 activity in the presence of heparinKumar, Thallapuranam Krishnaswamy SureshScientific Reports2017Find It
A Comprehensive Assessment of the Genetic Determinants in Salmonella Typhimurium for Resistance to Hydrogen Peroxide Using ProteogenomicsLay Jr, Jackson OliverScientific Reports2017Find It
Expanding the genetic code of Salmonella with non-canonical amino acidsFan, ChenguangScientific Reports2016Find It
Possible Evidence for a New Form of Liquid Buried in the Surface Tension of Supercooled WaterWang, FengScientific Reports2016Find It