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Author: Kumar, Thallapuranam Krishnaswamy Suresh

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TitlePublication NamePub. TypeYear
Elucidating the effect of polyphenol-protein interactions on rheological properties of purple waxy riceJournal of Cereal ScienceJournal Article2024
Overexpression and Purification of Mitogenic and Metabolic Fibroblast Growth Factors.Recombinant Glycoproteins: Methods and ProtocolsBook Section2024
cpSRP43 Is Both Highly Flexible and Stable: Structural Insights Using a Combined Experimental and Computational ApproachJournal of Chemical Information and ModelingJournal Article2023
Binding affinity estimation from restrained umbrella sampling simulationsNature Computational ScienceJournal Article2023
A Simple Purification Method for Heat-Stable Recombinant Low Molecular Weight Proteins and Peptides Via GST-Fusion Products.Advanced Methods in Structural BiologyBook Section2023
Molecular Modelling, Synthesis, and In-Vitro Assay to Identify Potential Antiviral Peptides Targeting the 3-Chymotrypsin-Like Protease of SARS-CoV-2International Journal of Peptide Research and TherapeuticsJournal Article2023
Amyloidogenesis: What Do We Know So Far?International Journal of Molecular SciencesJournal Article2022
Antioxidant activities of solid-state fermentation derived proteins and peptides from heat-stabilized defatted rice branJournal of the American Oil Chemists SocietyJournal Article2022
Site-specific labeling and functional efficiencies of human fibroblast growth Factor-1 with a range of fluorescent Dyes in the flexible N-Terminal region and a rigid beta-turn regionAnalytical BiochemistryJournal Article2022
Engineered FGF1 and FGF2 compositions and methods of use thereofPatent2022
Integrating Molecular Dynamics and smFRET Data to Study the Conformational Ensemble of the C-Terminus of Albino3 ProteinBiophysical JournalAbstract2021
Mechanistic Picture for Monomeric Human Fibroblast Growth Factor 1 Stabilization by Heparin BindingJournal of Physical Chemistry BJournal Article2021
Simplification of the purification of heat stable recombinant low molecular weight proteins and peptides from GST-fusion productsJournal of Chromatography B-Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life SciencesJournal Article2021
Heparin-Binding Affinity Tag: A Novel Affinity Tag for Simple and Efficient Purification of Recombinant ProteinsProtein Downstream Processing: Design, Development, and Application of High and Low-Resolution MethodsBook Section2021
A Meta-Analysis of the Protein Components in Rattlesnake VenomToxinsJournal Article2021
Characterization of the structural forces governing the reversibility of the thermal unfolding of the human acidic fibroblast growth factorScientific ReportsJournal Article2021
Structural Propensity in the C-terminal domain of the Albino3 translocase in thylakoidsProtein ScienceAbstract2021
Transient local secondary structure in the intrinsically disordered C-term of the Albino3 insertaseBiophysical JournalJournal Article2021
The Saga of Endocrine FGFsCellsJournal Article2021
Targeting Drugs Against Fibroblast Growth Factor(s)-Induced Cell SignalingCurrent Drug TargetsJournal Article2021
Structural Propensity in the C-terminal Domain of the ALbino3 Translocase in ThylakoidsFASEB JournalAbstract2020
Stability Comparisons between Natural Archaeal and Engineered Archaeal-Bacterial Heat-Shock Protein Subunits (alpha,beta, and beta-cohesin) and their Oligomeric ComplexesFASEB JournalAbstract2020
DNA aptamer-based rolling circle amplification product as a novel immunological adjuvantScientific ReportsJournal Article2020
Physicochemical properties of soy protein hydrolysate and its formulation and stability with encapsulated probiotic under in vitro gastrointestinal environmentJournal of Food ScienceJournal Article2020
Silver Ions Caused Faster Diffusion of H-NS Proteins in Live E. coli by Weakening the Binding Between H-NS Proteins and DNABiophysical JournalAbstract2020
Silver Ions Caused Faster Diffusive Dynamics of Histone-Like Nucleoid-Structuring Proteins in Live BacteriaApplied and Environmental MicrobiologyJournal Article2020
Molecular insights on cytochrome c and nucleotide regulation of apoptosome function and its implication in cancerBiochimica et Biophysica Acta-Molecular Cell ResearchJournal Article2020
Biocompatible, Injectable Anionic Hydrogels Based on Poly(Oligo Ethylene Glycol Monoacrylate-co-Acrylic Acid) for Protein DeliveryAdvanced TherapeuticsJournal Article2019
Design of a thrombin resistant human acidic fibroblast growth factor (hFGF1) variant that exhibits enhanced cell proliferation activityBiochemical and Biophysical Research CommunicationsJournal Article2019
A Comprehensive Investigation of the Stabilization of Monomeric Hfgf1 by Heparin Hexasaccharide using Microsecond-Level MD Simulations and Enhanced Sampling TechniquesBiophysical JournalAbstract2019
Identification of avian vasotocin receptor subtype-specific antagonists involved in the stress response of the chicken, Gallus gallusJournal of Biomolecular Structure and DynamicsJournal Article2019
NMR Methods to Characterize Protein-Ligand InteractionsNatural Product CommunicationsJournal Article2019
Designing Fret Based Assays to Study the Binding of Fibroblast Growth Factor to Its ReceptorProtein ScienceAbstract2019
Molecular mechanisms of heparin-induced modulation of human interleukin 12 bioactivityJournal of Biological ChemistryJournal Article2019
Cleavage resistant photoluminescent proteins and applications thereof.Patent2019
Engineered FGF compositions and methods of use thereof.Patent2019
Heparin affinity tag and application thereofPatent2019
Stilbenoid prenyltransferases define key steps in the diversification of peanut phytoalexinsJournal of Biological ChemistryJournal Article2018
Peanut Hairy Roots: A Bioproduction Platform for Elucidating the Biosynthesis of Prenylated StilbenoidsIn Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology-PlantAbstract2018
FRET based assays to study the binding of fibroblast growth factor to its receptorAbstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract2018
Bioconjugation of CuInS2/ZnS quantum dots to FGF and bioimaging their interactions with FGFRAbstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract2018
Structural changes of chloroplast signal recognition particle proteins studied by single molecule FRET during vectorial protein targetingAbstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract2018
Probing the role of proline-135 on the structure, stability, and cell proliferation activity of human acidic fibroblast growth factorArchives of Biochemistry and BiophysicsJournal Article2018
Effect of extension of the heparin binding pocket on the structure, stability, and cell proliferation activity of the human acidic fibroblast growth factorBiochemistry and Biophysics ReportsJournal Article2018
Phosphorylation of Anabaena Sensory Rhodopsin Transducer: a Putative Signaling State in Sensory Rhodopsin Mediated Protein-Protein Cross TalkProtein ScienceAbstract2017
Modulation of Interleukin-12 activity in the presence of heparinScientific ReportsJournal Article2017
Simple and Efficient Purification of Recombinant Proteins Using the Heparin-Binding Affinity TagCurrent Protocols in Protein ScienceJournal Article2017
Backbone and side-chain H-1, N-15, and C-13 resonance assignments of a novel Staphylococcal inhibitor of myeloperoxidaseBiomolecular NMR AssignmentsJournal Article2017
Heparin affinity tag and applications thereof.Patent2017
Peptides with antifungal activity and methods of using the peptidesPatent2017
Production of an anti-Candida peptide via fed batch and ion exchange chromatographyBiotechnology ProgressJournal Article2016
Domain Organization in the 54-kDa Subunit of the Chloroplast Signal Recognition ParticleBiophysical JournalJournal Article2016
Novel Molecular Interactions of Acylcarnitines and Fatty Acids with MyoglobinJournal of Biological ChemistryJournal Article2016
Intrinsic GTP hydrolysis is observed for a switch 1 variant of Cdc42 in the presence of a specific GTPase inhibitorSmall GTPasesJournal Article2016
On the role of C-Terminal tail helical domain of anabaena sensory rhodopsin transducer in unusual high stability, ligand and receptor interactionProtein ScienceAbstract2016
Physicochemical Properties and ACE-I Inhibitory Activity of Protein Hydrolysates from a Non-Genetically Modified Soy CultivarJournal of the American Oil Chemists SocietyJournal Article2016
Heparin-binding peptide as a novel affinity tag for purification of recombinant proteinsProtein Expression and PurificationJournal Article2016
Protein-rich beverage developed using non-GM soybean (R08-4004) and evaluated for sensory acceptance and shelf-lifeJournal of Food Science and Technology-MysoreJournal Article2016
Folding of Fibroblast Growth Factor 1 Is Critical for Its Nonclassical ReleaseBiochemistryJournal Article2016
Acquisition of Multidimensional NMR Data on GST-Fused ProteinsBiophysical JournalAbstract2016
Engineering the Structure of Human Acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor through Site Directed Mutagenesis for Increased Protein StabilityBiophysical JournalAbstract2016
Role of Structural Flexibility of cpSRP43 in Binding Substrates during Post-Translational TargetingBiophysical JournalAbstract2015
Can native enzyme conformation act as a template for refolding of RNase AAbstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract2015
Modulating the mitogenic activity of the fibroblast growth factorAbstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract2015
Controlling chitosan-based encapsulation for protein and vaccine delivery (vol 35, pg 4382, 2014)BiomaterialsJournal Article2015
Promoting binding of protein-targeting substrates by regulating interdomain dynamics within a signal recognition particle: Implications for biotechnologyAbstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract2015
Linear starch and hexanoic acid complexation evaluated by isothermal titration calorimetryStarch-StarkeJournal Article2015
Regulation of Structural Dynamics within a Signal Recognition Particle Promotes Binding of Protein Targeting SubstratesJournal of Biological ChemistryJournal Article2015
The versatility of isothermal titration calorimetry in modern biologyJournal of Analytical and Bioanalytical TechniquesJournal Article2015
Oxidative phosphorylation-dependent regulation of cancer cell apoptosis in response to anticancer agentsCancer ResearchAbstract2015
Oxidative phosphorylation-dependent regulation of cancer cell apoptosis in response to anticancer agentsCell Death and DiseaseJournal Article2015
Refolding of Denatured-Reduced Lysozyme in the Presence of Native TemplatesFASEB JournalAbstract2015
Three-dimensional Structure of the 54 kDa Subunit of the Chloroplast Signal Recognition Particle using Molecular ModelingProtein ScienceAbstract2014
Identification of antagonists to the vasotocin receptor sub-type 4 (VT4R) involved in stress by molecular modelling and verification using anterior pituitary cellsJournal of Biomolecular Structure and DynamicsJournal Article2014
Efficient production and purification of recombinant human interleukin-12 (IL-12) overexpressed in mammalian cells without affinity tagProtein Expression and PurificationJournal Article2014
Copper binding affinity of the C2B domain of synaptotagmin-1 and its potential role in the nonclassical secretion of acidic fibroblast growth factorBiochimica et Biophysica Acta-Proteins and ProteomicsJournal Article2014
Controlling chitosan-based encapsulation for protein and vaccine deliveryBiomaterialsJournal Article2014
Understanding the Structural Determinants of the Extreme Thermal Stability of RubredoxinBiophysical JournalAbstract2014
Understanding the Structural Determinants for the Stability of Human Fibroblast Growth FactorBiophysical JournalAbstract2014
Is Refolding of Lysozyme Template-DrivenBiophysical JournalAbstract2014
Three-Dimensional Structure of the 54-Kda Subunit of the Chloroplast Signal Recognition Particle using Molecular ModelingBiophysical JournalAbstract2014
Investigation of the Structural Stability of cpSRP43 Chromodomain2 by Hydrogen-Deuterium ExchangeBiophysical JournalAbstract2013
Membrane Permeability Induced by Stereo and Retro Analogs of Histatin 5Biophysical JournalAbstract2013
Using Homo-Polypeptides to Study Charge-Charge Interactions in BiomoleculesBiophysical JournalAbstract2013
C-Terminal M4 Peptide Fragment of Albino 3 Interaction with cpSRP-43Biophysical JournalAbstract2013
In-Cell NMR Spectroscopy-In vivo Monitoring of the Structure, Dynamics, Folding, and Interactions of Proteins at Atomic Resolution.Journal of Analytical and Bioanalytical TechniquesJournal Article2013
Protein-Phospholipid Interactions in Nonclassical Protein Secretion: Problem and Methods of StudyInternational Journal of Molecular SciencesJournal Article2013
Identification of Consensus Glycosaminoglycan Binding Strings in ProteinsInternational Conference on Information Science and Applications (ICISA 2013)Conference Paper2013
Phosphatidylserine externalization and membrane blebbing are involved in the nonclassical export of FGF1Journal of Cellular BiochemistryJournal Article2012
Purification and Characterization of a Novel Affinity TagProtein ScienceAbstract2012
Characterization of a Thermostable Quadruple Mutant of Human Fibroblast Growth Factor-1Protein ScienceAbstract2012
Thermodynamic Characterization of a Destabilized Mutant of the Human Acidic Fibroblast Growth FactorProtein ScienceAbstract2012
Characterization of W-WAP and Overexpression of full length human Anosmin in Pichia pastorisProtein ScienceAbstract2012
The Role of Heparin in Acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor SignalingProtein ScienceAbstract2012
Characterization of the FGF Receptor Mutations Involved in DiseaseProtein ScienceAbstract2012
Characterization of the Structure of the C-terminal Domain of Alb3Protein ScienceAbstract2012
Understanding the Binding Interactions of the 43kDa subunit of cpSRP with the C-terminal Domain of Alb3Protein ScienceAbstract2012
Mapping the Inositol Hexakisphosphate Binding Sites on the Human Fibroblast Growth FactorBiophysical JournalAbstract2012
Molecular basis for the Kallmann syndrome-linked fibroblast growth factor receptor mutationBiochemical and Biophysical Research CommunicationsJournal Article2012
Design of a Duet Expression Vector to Characterize Ligand-receptor InteractionsBiophysical JournalAbstract2011
Purification and Characterization of Recombinant L23Biophysical JournalAbstract2011
The Structural and Functional Role Fo the Sole Tryptophan Residue in the Human Acidic Fibroblast Growth FactorBiophysical JournalAbstract2011
Rational Design of Human Fibroblast Growth Factor with Enhanced StabilityBiophysical JournalAbstract2011
Understanding the Effects of Molecular Crowding on the Structure and Stability of Proteins Using NMR SpectroscopyBiophysical JournalAbstract2010
Design of Novel Affinity Tags to Increase Recovery of Recombinant Proteins in Ther Soluble FormsBiophysical JournalAbstract2010
Cation-Pi Interactions Contribute Significantly to the Stability of FGF and the FGFRBiophysical JournalAbstract2010
Characterization of the Minimalistic Fgf-D2 Domain InterfaceBiophysical JournalAbstract2010
3D Solution Structure of the C-terminal Chromodomain of the Chloroplast Signal Recognition ParticleBiophysical JournalAbstract2010
Rational Design of Acidic Human Fibroblast Growth Factor (hFGF-1) with Increased Stability and Mitogenic ActivityBiophysical JournalAbstract2010
Investigation of W121 on the Conformation and Functional Properties of the Human Acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor-1Biophysical JournalAbstract2010
A Biophysical Investigation of the Non-Classical Release Complex of Fibroblast Growth Factor-1Biophysical JournalAbstract2010
Understanding the Role of Ankyrin Domain of the 43-Kda Subunit of the Chloroplast Signal Recognition Particle in Protein TargetingBiophysical JournalAbstract2010
The Monomerization of a Dimeric, Calcium-Binding Protein Involved in the Non-Classical Export of Fibroblast Growth Factor 1Biophysical JournalAbstract2010
Defining the Interaction Between S100A13 and Annexin II Peptide: Insight into Non-Classical SecretionBiophysical JournalAbstract2010
Binding of Antimicrobial Lactoferricin Peptides to Targets in the Angiogenesis PathwayBiophysical JournalAbstract2010
Design of Novel Methods to Eliminate DNA Binding to Recombinant ProteinsBiophysical JournalAbstract2010
NMR characterization of copper and lipid interactions of the C2B domain of synaptotagmin I-relevance to the non-classical secretion of the human acidic fibroblast growth factor (hFGF-1)Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-BiomembranesJournal Article2010
Response to Falk and Sinning: The C Terminus of Alb3 Interacts with the Chromodomains 2 and 3 of cpSRP43Journal of Biological ChemistryJournal Article2010
A Dynamic cpSRP43-Albino3 Interaction Mediates Translocase Regulation of Chloroplast Signal Recognition Particle (cpSRP)-targeting ComponentsJournal of Biological ChemistryJournal Article2010
Protein Targeting to the Albino3 InsertaseFASEB JournalAbstract2010
The Membrane-binding Motif of the Chloroplast Signal Recognition Particle Receptor (cpFtsY) Regulates GTPase ActivityJournal of Biological ChemistryJournal Article2009
A superior drug carrier - aponeocarzinostatin in partially unfolded state fully protects the labile antitumor enediyneJournal of Biomedical ScienceJournal Article2009
Trichloroacetic acid-induced protein precipitation involves the reversible association of a stable partially structured intermediateProtein ScienceJournal Article2009
Protein folding does not prevent the nonclassical export of FGF1 and S100A13Biochemical and Biophysical Research CommunicationsJournal Article2009
Specificity Of The Helical Conformation Induced By 2, 2, 2, TrifluoroethanolBiophysical JournalAbstract2009
Cation-pi Interactions Contribute Significantly To The Stability Of The D2 Domain Of Fibroblast Growth Factor ReceptorBiophysical JournalAbstract2009
Understanding the Mechanism of Autoregulation of FGF SignalingBiophysical JournalAbstract2009
Biophysical Characterization of FGF Signaling ComplexBiophysical JournalAbstract2009
3D solution structure of the C-terminal Chromodomain of the Chloroplast Signal Recognition Particle and its interaction with cpSRP 54 peptideBiophysical JournalAbstract2009
Understanding the Mechanism of the Anti-angiogenic Activity of SuraminBiophysical JournalAbstract2009
Structural and Functional Role of Proline Residues in Fibroblast Growth Factor-1Biophysical JournalAbstract2009
Designing Fibroblast Growth Factor with Higher Heparin Binding AffinityBiophysical JournalAbstract2009
Interactions Defined between S100A13 and Annexin Peptides: Insight into Non-Classical SecrectionBiophysical JournalAbstract2009
Effect of Osmolytes on Protein Stability and FoldingBiophysical JournalAbstract2009
A study of fibroblast growth factor and its receptor complex using light scatteringFrontiers in Optics, FiO 2009Conference Paper2009
Effect of Osmolytes on Protein Stability and FoldingAbstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract2008
Structural analysis of a novel hFGFR2D2 dimer: Insights into the FGF signaling pathwayAbstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract2008
Is association of labile enediyne chromophore a mutually assured protection for carrier protein?Analytical BiochemistryJournal Article2008
A method for the prevention of thrombin-induced degradation of recombinant proteinsAnalytical BiochemistryJournal Article2008
Matrix metalloproteinase in avian bile fluidPoultry ScienceAbstract2008
Secretion without GolgiJournal of Cellular BiochemistryJournal Article2008
Assembly of chloroplast signal recognition particle involves structural rearrangement in cpSRP43Journal of Molecular BiologyJournal Article2008
H-1, C-13 and N-15 resonance assignments of the C-terminal domain of the 43 kDa subunit of the chloroplast signal recognition particleBiomolecular NMR AssignmentsJournal Article2008
A light scattering study of the interaction of fibroblast growth factor (FGF) with its receptorBiophysical JournalJournal Article2008
Carbon nanotubes prevent 2,2,2 trifluoroethanol induced aggregation of proteinCarbonJournal Article2007
Structures of pahayokolides A and B, cyclic peptides from a Lyngbya spJournal of Natural ProductsJournal Article2007
Relevance of partially structured states in the non-classical secretion of acidic fibroblast growth factorBiochemistryJournal Article2007
S100A13-lipid interactions - role in the non-classical release of the acidic fibroblast growth factorBiochimica et Biophysica Acta-BiomembranesJournal Article2007
A new dimeric structure of FGFR D2 domain may contribute to the FGF signaling pathwayAbstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract2007
Molecular cloning, overexpression and characterization of human interleukin 1 alphaBiochemical and Biophysical Research CommunicationsJournal Article2007
Understanding the role of divalent cations in FGF signalingBiophysical JournalAbstract2007
Characterization of residual structure(s) in the disordered state(s) of fibroblast growth factorBiophysical JournalAbstract2007
Investigation of the mechanism underlying the anti-mitogenic activity of suraminBiophysical JournalAbstract2007
Is heparin binding a prerequisite for FGF signaling?Biophysical JournalAbstract2007
Release of FGF1 and p40 synaptotagmin 1 correlates with their membrane destabilizing abilityBiochemical and Biophysical Research CommunicationsJournal Article2006
Refolding of a small all beta-sheet protein proceeds with accumulation of kinetic intermediatesArchives of Biochemistry and BiophysicsJournal Article2006
Understanding the mechanism of the antimitogenic activity of suraminBiochemistryJournal Article2006
Copper binding affinity of S100A13, a key component of the FGF-1 nonclassical copper-dependent release complexBiophysical JournalJournal Article2006
Cold instability of aponeocarzinostatin and its stabilization by labile chromophore. (vol 88, pg 4252, 2005)Biophysical JournalJournal Article2006
Cold instability of aponeocarzinostatin and its stabilization by labile chromophoreBiophysical JournalJournal Article2005
Resonance assignments for mouse S100A13Journal of Biomolecular NMRJournal Article2005
Three-dimensional solution structures of the chromodomains of cpSRP43Journal of Biological ChemistryJournal Article2005
Time-dependent changes in the denatured state(s) influence the folding mechanism of an all beta-sheet proteinJournal of Biological ChemistryJournal Article2005
Molecular mechanism of inhibition of nonclassical FGF-1 exportBiochemistryJournal Article2005
The C2A domain of synaptotagmin exhibits a high binding affinity for copper: Implications in the formation of the multiprotein FGF release complexBiochemistryJournal Article2005
Solution structure of the ligand binding domain of the fibroblast growth factor receptor: Role of heparin in the activation of the receptorBiochemistryJournal Article2005
Three-dimensional solution structure of a unique S100 proteinBiochemical and Biophysical Research CommunicationsJournal Article2005
Equilibrium unfolding of an oligomeric protein involves formation of a multimeric intermediate state(s)Biochemical and Biophysical Research CommunicationsJournal Article2005
Three-Dimensional Solution Structure of a Unique S100 ProteinAbstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract2005
Molecular cloning, overexpression, and characterization of the ligand-binding D2 domain of fibroblast growth factor receptorBiochemical and Biophysical Research CommunicationsJournal Article2004
Cloning, overexpression, and characterization of cobrotoxinBiochemical and Biophysical Research CommunicationsJournal Article2004
Monitoring protein folding at atomic resolutionAccounts of Chemical ResearchJournal Article2004
Characterization of molten globule state with novel drug delivery features in anti-tumor drug neocarzinostatinBiophysical JournalAbstract2004
Letter to the Editor: H-1, C-13 and N-15 chemical shift assignments of the D2 domain of the fibroblast growth factor receptorJournal of Biomolecular NMRJournal Article2004
Structurally homologous all beta-barrel proteins adopt different mechanisms of foldingBiophysical JournalJournal Article2003